How to verify PayPal Freely

PayPal is must be owned for online business for sending and withdrawing money online. But some people who work for their online business have no PayPal account. If you register PayPal but doesn’t work it have not verified yet, and need to verify in order to be can send money or receive money from our business partner.
In this article I want to share information how to verify PayPal freely, its very simple;
1. Register at PayPal with choose your country and choose PREMIER in order to can receive money, and make sure you have an email as your PayPal ID later.
2. After registering your information you have an ID Paypal but its not verify yet, login again with your ID and Password and then click Add Bank.
3. Enteryour Name of your Bank and enter your bank code, for bank code you can googling for bank code and then enter your account number.
4. Also Enter 7 Digits number, 3 digits of number from Bank Code and 4 digits number from bank of your account and then submit.And please be patient until 3 days working hour.
5. Check your Bank Account and there was two time sent to our account to be verified into our PayPal ID, the fist is two digits number, and the second also two number. If Paypal has sent you the digits you can login to Paypal to verify.
6. Click link Get Verified and enter two digits from your bank account that you have been received one by one because the form available two forms to be filled as PayPal sent into your bank account twice and your PayPal has been verified, that mean you can received money or send money or for payment when you buy online. Enjoy Trying!!
It’s easy right??
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