How to build elegant blog design templates?

How to build elegant blog design templates
Blog templates form the base of great blogs. Today blogging is not limited to personal views but has become a great tool for businesses to find their clients innermost feelings and for data collection and research. There is no much difference between choosing business brochure templates or blog design templates. After all the purpose of both brochure templates and blog templates are the same. However, blogs are much superior in terms of data collection. Following a few tips given below can help you design elegant blog design templates.
  • The best thing to increase the readership of a blog is to offer multiple options such as Follow, subscribe, and feed buttons in a prominent place of the blog. This allows automatic update of your posts to your readers.
  • Yet another better way to increase the readership is providing share buttons at the bottom of each post. Most common social marketing sites include Facebook, Digg, and Twitter etc.
  • Enable readers to comment on the posts because this is the easy way to learn the feelings of the readers easily. This is an important design element which should never be overlooked.
  • Colors schemes and themes of a blog is vital and must be catered to fulfill the need of the target audience.
  • Since most part of the blog is in the form of textual content, make sure that the fonts are commonly available and are easily readable.
  • Yet another important element in blog design is the contact information. Visitors that like to know more about you and your products or services would look for about us information and contact details.
  • Archive is one other important element that helps your visitor to go through the previous posts you had posted in your blog.Including the element such as ‘Popular posts’ which will prompt the most read articles to new visitors is a way to make the reader surf to different posts of your blog.
  • Providing a search field within your blog can help readers find the specific topics they are interested in.
  • Although it is understood, providing copyright information in the blog design can keep away others from utilizing your content without your permission.
Although the above mentioned points are absolutely vital for an elegant blog design, they are just a handful. You can find much more or even create your own elements to make full use of your blog. The best way to learn more about blog designs is to visit a variety of personal and corporate blogs that might inspire you.

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