How to Make Full Header in Blogger

If you want to make header of your blog at blogspot but your header is still small or not full header don't worry..I have best Idea to make full header when I tried in my blog at globalforex blog and the result is succeed.

Do you want to change your Header accordance with the blog theme,..follow this way..
Fist of all, look for your image header with width:960 and then make that image become URL through photobucket and get the URL.

Second, Search the code at Design > Edit Html and then type control F to find html code
#header { margin: 0; height:196px; width:898; color: $pagetitlecolor; background: url( no-repeat top center; } and the Red URL have to change with your image header URL its mean copy and paste that you got from photobucket URL, and don't forget to save template.
Finally, your Header is Done! do you want to see the result of my header. Here you are..

Enjoy Blogging!!
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