Firefox Ultimate OptimizerThe Best Way to Reduce your Memory Usage

Firefox is the best browser in the world, based on research Top ten Review FireFox is the best browser in 2010 and 2011 from another browsers. This browser has thousands add-on that can be add on your Firefox, but sometimes your computer have some trouble in computer memory (RAM) and the impact your computer and browser work slowly. But to reduce of memory usage that used by firefox, I suggest to using Firefox Ultimate Optimizer to reduce memory usage by Firefox to increase memory performance and work fast than before. May you see this picture when you don’t use Firefox Ultimate Optimizer, or see your computer memory usage at Window Task Manager by pressing (ctrl + alt + del), its so big usage memory. like this picture;
Finally I’m using Firefox Ultimate Optimizer to reduce memory usage and to increase high performance of this browser and then what happened? the firefox usage reduced and browsing faster than before. If have some a trouble like me I suggest you to install the Firefox Ultimate Optimizer to make browsing faster and to reduce memory usage by firefox.
The software serves to minimize Firefox memory usage on the computer when it is operated. So for those of you who has a computer with small RAM capacity, this will be very useful. With this softawre, you may only be lower than  30MB  become 4MB only. Obviously we are getting faster and more stable when browsing with Firefox. for more detail you may see this picture when Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is installed in my computer the result in this image.
If you want to reduce your memory usage I suggest to installed Firefox Ultimate Optimizer into your computer, Firefox Ultimate Optimizer can be download here, Firefox Ultimate Optimizer  is available to be download, its all free for you!
Download for For Windows XP, 2000 and Vista and Windows 7

Download Firefox Ultimate Optimizer
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